Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sunday was such a day of celebration as Tim and I enjoyed going to Ignite Chicago and worshiping with so many people. A man named Phil got on the stage and talked about his ministry (Phil's Friends). It is a wonderful Christian organization that ministers to people who are dealing with cancer and I immediately thought of Becky. I was thinking about having someone contact the organization to see if she wanted their support.

Unfortunately on Monday morning I received a phone call from my sister saying that Becky had passed away on Sunday night. This was such heartbreaking news especially for my sister who is the same age as Becky and has kids that are similar in age; they were also friends and enjoyed hanging out together.

Becky fought so hard so that she could spend the rest of her life with her daughters and her husband. She was such a fighter that she did not complain about the cancer and enjoyed every moment with her family. My words are so insufficient to describe how much she was loved by all that knew her. My heart breaks for her little girls who are only 2 & 4.

We felt Becky's generosity for us as she expressed her prayers when we were going through the loss of Virginia. We are heartbroken that Becky has now joined Virginia in heaven. I'm sure that Becky is holding Virginia up in heaven and loving on her for us. We will continue to lift up her family in our prayers.


This weekend we went to the cemetery because Virginia's headstone was placed this week. Even though we want her to be here on earth with us it means so much to me that the place where her body lays now has a marker. For a while we were not sure if we were able to be able to get a headstone and that just broke my heart. I wanted people to know that visited the cemetery that that was where my daughter was and that she was loved by her family and friends.

I think that I need to go to the cemetery soon without Josiah so that I can really mourn while I am there. It is pretty difficult to go with him because he is all over the place.

Here are a couple of pictures from the cemetery:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 months--Halfway Point

July 3 marks 2 months since Virginia was delivered.

July 3 is also the halfway point in between when Virginia was delivered (5-3) and when she was due (9-3). It's kind of a hard position to be in. I'm thankful that we have made it this far but would also like to be past her due date.