Sunday, March 13, 2011

Due Date

Today marks another sad day for our family as we remember what could have been. Our "rainbow" baby was due today. We thought for sure that when we found out that we were pregnant with this baby that God was giving us a special blessing--we found out that we were pregnant at the halfway point in between Virginia's delivery date and her due date. (This was also my grandpa's birthday and the baby's due date was close to my grandma's birthday). On August 2nd, just a short month later, I had a small issue and went to the dr. and they found that the baby had no heartbeat and must have just passed away. The devastation with this loss can't even be described with words. We were both terribly angry and hurt.

I think honestly that we have just shut down emotionally--we have been hit so hard this year with the loss of Virginia, the loss of the miscarried baby, the loss of Tim's job, etc. So many of our dreams just keep getting flushed down the toilet.

It seems that everyone else is pregnant, doing well financially, etc.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daddy's Blog

Here is a link to Virginia's daddy's blog--he wrote a very good post about what we have been going through lately