Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas--please help

I'd like to be completely honest here. I struggle so much with the Christmas season for the main reason that I find it to be extremely materialistic and that the real reason for Christmas is totally lacking. My idea of a wonderful Christmas would be working at a soup kitchen and ministering to those who are struggling and sharing with them the love of Jesus. I totally understand giving gifts and enjoying the time with family but find at times that it's so much about the presents and making sure to be at every party that I miss the most important part of Christmas.

With that frame of reference in mind, I'm very concerned about Christmas this year. We found out that we were pregnant with Virginia on December 23rd and announced it to all of our families at the Christmas celebrations. I was sooo excited to be able to have a baby along with the twins.

This leads me to my question of what do we do this year to remember Virginia and the baby that we miscarried without being the downers to the parties? I don't plan on doing a lot with the extended family but want to do something special as our immediate family. I'm not sure if we get a present for them and what would be appropriate--if we get an ornament (we do not have "good" pictures of Virginia, we also do not have handprints or footprints due to the severity of her diagnosis and the time inside of me when she was not alive)