Saturday, January 8, 2011


In the last couple of weeks, I have seen two rainbows peeking through the clouds when it was not raining or anything like that. It was not a full rainbow just a partial one.

Each time I saw this, in one way it hurt a little because after you have a perinatal loss people say that they are having a "rainbow baby". There are soooo many people that are now pregnant with their rainbow baby's that lost a baby at the same time as Virginia. I am definitely happy that they are pregnant but would also like to be pregnant as well (I would be 32 weeks if I had not miscarried.

The other thing that ran through my mind is that God keeps His promises. I may not have as many kids as I would like but He is still there with me carrying me through whatever storms I may go through in life.

I do not recall seeing many rainbows in December but know that God is showing me that He is waiting for me.

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