Sunday, February 20, 2011

Josiah's 1st Hospitalization

Our life has not been easy over the last nine months. We kind of thought that after the loss of Virginia and the miscarriage that life was going to just be kind of normal for a little while. Instead we seem to be slammed with one terrible thing after another.

I started working full time in January, which is something I would prefer not to do, in order to help make a little more money. We were going to be getting back on our feet financially until Tim came home one Friday afternoon in January and told me that he had lost his job. This was a major blow to our family.

Then, Josiah started to run a fever and had a horrible cough. We went to the dr. last Monday and she diagnosed him with RSV. On Wednesday he still had the fever (day 5) and was not eating or drinking much. We went in to the dr. again and he put him directly in the hospital. He was diagnosed with RSV, dehydration and pneumonia. This was soo hard for me to have my little guy in the hospital. He did such a great job with the iv, blood draws and the people coming in all of the time. (I must say that it was also hard to be at this hospital too because this is where we had our failed induction with Virginia. It was also eerie how we went in on a Wednesday with Virginia and Josiah and were discharged on Saturday with both of them-it was an almost identical 60 hours in the hospital). We were so thankful that Josiah was discharged on Saturday. I am still a little nervous having him home because he isn't eating or drinking as much as he should and his oxygen stats were only at 90 when he was discharged but ...

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