Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memories Part II

Today I spent some time talking to our doctor's office. I told the nurse that I felt that their office washed their hands of me when I left the hospital--she disagreed and said that the D & E was my only option.

I called the dr's office in Champaign and made an appointment for Tuesday morning but after researching on their website I decided that I was not comfortable with them so I canceled the appt.

I then swallowed all of my pride and spoke with the geneticist at the University of C. She said that they have a physician that does the procedure and I was a little bit more comfortable with her background. I have an appt. scheduled with her for a consultation on Thursday.

My mom helped out with Josiah today which was wonderful and then the rest of the family came over for dinner and then we took some more pictures.

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