Thursday, August 26, 2010

Walking with me

I just wanted to thank Kelly at Sufficient Grace Ministries so much for posting our story on Walking with You.

This week has been extremely difficult for me. On Monday I received the ultrasound images that I had requested from the hospital and I was so disappointed with them. I only received three of them and they just made me soo sad. I spent much of the afternoon crying and quite honestly feeling sorry for myself.

Monday night I realized that our story had been posted and I received so many words of encouragement on the blog. God knew just when to use Kelly to give us the encouragement that we needed. I appreciate each and every comment that I have received and each of your stories has touched my heart. It breaks my heart that so many of us have been affected by the loss of our babies.

We did receive good news today that we will not need a D&C since the natural miscarriage worked. We are so thankful for that. Our next big hurdle is passing Virginia's due date of September 3--quite honestly I'm terrified of the day and am not sure what to do to remember her that day. Unfortunately my husband can't get out of work for the whole day with all the time off that he took with Virginia so we'll have to see.

Again, I can't thank each of you enough for your words of encouragement--you have been the body of Christ to me and walked alongside of me in my valley.


  1. Love and continued prayers for you...

    I'm so grateful that there was some comfort for you during such a painful time in the knowledge that you are not walking this path alone. Praying that you will continue to find comfort in the loving arms of our Father...

  2. I love Kelly, she is awesome. I am visiting from Sufficient Grace (saw your story). I just wanted to offer you some hugs and some prayers.

  3. Thanks so much Kelly and Elena! I actually bought a scrapbook this weekend that has a castle on it and I think about the wonderful place that my little ones are at and it definitely helps me. I know this week is going to be very difficult but I know that the prayers of so many are going to help carry us through!