Monday, April 16, 2012


I have been struggling with a little bit of anxiety recently with so many memories of Virginia flooding in and we were in church on Sunday and this is the song that we sang:

I absolutely LOVE IT--I was singing it all night at work and it made the night so much more tolerable. I'm so thankful that God reminded me of that song on Sunday at church.

We have been trying to start our perinatal hospice and it has been taking a little bit of time. On Friday morning, I was contacted by a friend who had someone who was in the midst of a stillbirth. We had the privilige of driving up to the hospital and dropping off a care package for them at the front desk. Then on Sunday the pastor mentioned a family that is facing end of life issues with their unborn baby. I was able to talk with them after church and plan on bringing them a package as they prepare for her delivery this week. We are so honored that the lives of our 3 children are allowing us to minister to other familiies. Please continue to keep both of these families in your prayers.

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