Monday, June 21, 2010

Body of Christ

Lately I have been thinking about the body of Christ and how it manifests itself in our world today.

After the loss of Virginia I could see the body of Christ and it was displayed in different ways--here is my interpretation ...

Ears--We have had many people who have come alongside of us and just listened to us without saying anything. This is such a comfort when you are going through a trial just to have someone listen to you without saying much. We know that Jesus would be the same way.

Mouth--There have been so many people who have spoken words of encouragement to us. They have shared their own personal stories (even when it hurts them so much to talk about their losses) and this has allowed us to know what to expect.

Hands--This one has so many references. There have been so many people who have written cards, e-mails, facebook messages etc. to encourage us. We are so thankful for all of these items. We have a whole stack of cards that we received and we will definitely save these. I also have a whole folder in my e-mail messages of e-mails and facebook messages that people sent us and it is so helpful to us. There are so many people that have created meals for us too. It was so hard to cook after I was given the diagnosis and this helped out so that I didn't have to worry about the meals. We have been given other gifts from people too that has allowed us not to worry so much about the financial issues as well. Another thing is the hugs that we have received--these sometimes communicate so much more than words.

Feet--This may be the most important one--so many people have come alongside us and walked in our shoes. They have come in to our lives and shared in our sufferings and have helped to lessen the burden that we have carried. For this we are so thankful.

Maybe you can think of more ways that the body of Christ is seen in the world today, I would love to hear it.


  1. This is beautiful, Laura...I love it! What a picture of how we can show the love of Jesus to others in a tangible way....

    Thank you for this...

    Love to you...

  2. I came to this post from Kelly (Walking with You) and I feel so blessed by it. It is a beautiful image and sweet reminder of how we are surrounded by the body of Christ and how his love for us is reflected by others. I also agree with Kelly - it's a beautiful reminder of who we can show His love others.