Sunday, June 13, 2010


I wasn't sure what to title this post but ....

Today was the most emotional day that I have had in a while. We talked about Virginia a lot at church and while I was talking to one person I got kind of teary eyed (this is really good for me though because I don't cry very often).

We went to the cemetery after church and were able to spend a little time there. I was thinking about Virginia and then I looked and saw Josiah running up and I was thinking about how he would look growing up visiting his sister. I just see him as a young boy coming up to see where his sister is, then as he gets older and doesn't want to come any more and then as he brings his wife and his own family to the grave of the sister that he never knew. It made it even more real to think that this cemetery would always be a part of his life because that is where his sisters body is. A kind of sobering thought but I'm sure that there will be some wonderful conversations there too.

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  1. now you made me all blustery to start my day at work...c'mon, he's always going to be little isn't he? he doesn't have to grow up, does he? i know you read it to me last night, but it was very moving to read it. love you!