Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I went to see Dr. N. for our follow-up appointment. Tim was not able to go with me because he had to work. I was kind of nervous to go by myself because I was supposed to be finding out the results from the chromosome study.

I was able to get in with the dr. right away which I was very surprised about. He confirmed that it was a girl which was very good news. He also said that she did not have a genetic or a chromosome disorder which was also very good news. He said that there was a whole laundry list of other reasons why the hydrops and the hygroma took place.

He said that the good news was that the baby did not have a genetic disorder but the bad news was that we did not have a clear reason to why she had so much fluid in her body. (I personally was all right with this--we would love to know exactly why but in the long run it really doesn't matter).

He surprised me too by saying that in fifty years he does not think that there will be some way to correct this fluid within the baby--he said that the bigger problem is the underlying issue that is causing the fluid. He compared the fluid within the baby to an elderly person with congestive heart failure who has fluid throughout their body.

The good news was that he said that we should be able to have a healthy child if we are able to get pregnant again--he said that there is only a 1% likelihood of the hydrops and hygroma happening again but that is the same for any pregnant person. He also said that I could be seen by a regular ob and gave me the name of someone he trusts. He also outlined a specific plan for what would happen if we are able to get pregnant.

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