Thursday, May 20, 2010


I always thought for some reason that Jeff & Lisa would have the twins on May 17th and ....they were! Jeff called at about 11:15 on Monday night and told me that I was right. At first I didn't believe him but then he started to tell me their names so I figured it must be true!

Belladia Faith was born at 9:50 pm and was 4'11 and Gloriana Joy was born at 9:51 pm and was 2'15. They both are doing really well and will remain in the NICU. Lisa had to have a c-section and thankfully she had the c-section on Monday night because if they waited until Tuesday morning they might have lost both babies. We are so thankful that God provided a safe delivery for both girls and that Lisa is doing so well.

I had the privilege of going out to meet my nieces yesterday while my mom took care of Josiah. It was kind of hard to see them in the NICU but I am so thankful that they are doing well. I was able to hold Gloriana for a long time and talked to her about her "big" cousin Virginia and how much she would have loved to be with the girls. That was a little hard when I was talking with her about Virginia but ... I was also able to talk to Bella for a little bit--hopefully I will be able to hold her next time. I had a hard time leaving them--I would love to just sit there all day and talk to them and hold them :(

I am doing really well with the birth of the twins. It was a little bit hard for me on Monday night--especially since they were born two weeks after our baby. I am just so thankful that they are doing well!
Me with Bella

Me with Gloriana

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