Monday, May 17, 2010


While we were in the hospital giving birth to Virginia, we were given this memory box. In there we have some of the things from the hospital. We have some pictures that the hospital staff took of her. They are extremely precious because we can see her face and see her outfit and she is wrapped in the blanket that my mom made for her. We also have a couple of papers including the stillbirth certificate. We also have the little shell that Jeff used to baptize her with. We will always treasure this box that has some precious mementos of our time with our baby. They also included this little saying that is so sweet:

"This Memory Box provides a place to keep special items that you connect with your loved one. To hold, touch, and remember treasured mementos and memories is a healthy part of adjusting to a loss. The box offers a place to go to, to think about the individual, the good times, and the moments shared. What is put inside is up to you...there are no right or wrong things to include, only those things that are special to you and your loved one. Tying the ribbons is a type of closure, to untie them and open the memory box, is to open up oneself to remember that special someone". (Memories Unlimited--Olympia, WA)

The other item that holds so many special memories of Virginia is the journal that we bought for her when we found out we were pregnant. We also kept a journal with Josiah from the time that we found out we were pregnant with both of them. Virginia's is so special to us because it reminds us of the happy times before she passed away. We were sooo excited to be pregnant again after trying for over a year. It also helps us to remember of God's grace to us through all of this as we remember our difficult time with the induction and then God's providence in providing such a wonderful doctor. We will keep this journal until Virginia's 1st birthday--May 3, 2011--and will continue to record the events of the next year and journal our thoughts and feelings as we go through this grieving process.

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