Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Helpful Resources

We wanted to provide a list of resources that may help you if you find that your baby has been given a fatal diagnosis. We have listed them on the side so that you can get them quickly but I wanted to give a little bit more explanation on all of them.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep This is a wonderful organization that will come to the hospital to take pictures of your baby. This organization will come to the hospital when the baby is further along than 25 weeks

Haven Network The Haven Network is a Christian perinatal hospice out of Rockford, IL. I was connected with a wonderful nurse, Kathy, who has come alongside of us on the telephone since we received the diagnosis. They provide as much support as you are interested in. They would have come out to the hospital and taken pictures of the baby but we chose not to. They are a wonderful organization that provides their services for free. We are so thankful for their support to us

Perinatal Hospice This is how I found the local hospices in our own area. They have wonderful resources on their website as well.

Sherokee Ilse Sherokee is a wonderful person who has come alongside of us and provided valuable support to us on our journey. Pastor E. gave me one of her poems about pregnancy loss and it really touched me so I looked her up on the internet. I found this website and ordered many of her books and pamphlets. They have been extremely helpful to us. She also spoke with me on the telephone a couple of times and through e-mail to encourage us. We appreciate her support so much!

Mary Madeline Project This is also a wonderful resource. They provided us with burial gowns for the baby that were sent to us free of charge. We were able to pick the size and the gender and then we donated the rest of them to the hospital. The gowns are sooooooooooo beautiful and come with a little hat, stockings and blanket. We were so touched by this organization and the hard work of all of their volunteers. My mom is going to donate her wedding gown in memory of Virginia.

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