Saturday, May 8, 2010

Virginia's burial and memorial service

Today we had Virginia's burial. It was so difficult to see the coffin that contained our little girl. We were able to spend a couple of minutes talking to her and introducing her to Josiah before we went out to the cemetery. Tim was able to carry the coffin to the car and then from the car to the graveside.

Pastor E. did a wonderful graveside service that meant so much to both of us. I was able to read a short letter to Virginia expressing some of the things that we were missing so much with her. Afterwards we each released a pink balloon into the air.

We had a short break before the memorial service so we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went back to the funeral home. It is so weird to have a memorial service for your own child. Since the casket was already buried in the ground we had a beautiful angel sit where the casket would have been. The angel had been delivered to us earlier in the week from Tim's work. It is sooooooooo beautiful and reminds us so much of our little girl. Tim's work also sent a lovely bouquet of flowers. We had that bouquet of flowers and the roses from Tim's parents on both sides of the angel. Then we received some beautiful bushes from Tim's parents and from Jeff & Lisa which sat on the pillars.

It was so wonderful to have so many people support us on such a difficult day. We also met a couple of new friends who have come alongside of us and shared their stories of the loss of their babies. My brother, Jeff, also led the memorial service and did such a wonderful job--we are so thankful that he could minister to us and our friends and families in such a personal way.

Here are some pictures from the day:

The balloon release
The beautiful angel from Tim's work

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