Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ten Days

I can't believe that it has been ten days since I gave birth to Virginia. It has been even longer since she left this earth and made her new home in heaven (22 days).

We are adjusting well to the changes that have happened in our lives in the last month. I think that we are still trying to process all that has happened.
-One of the things that I am thankful for is that our doctor's office does an ultrasound at 18 weeks--if we would have waited until 20 weeks we would have not had as much time to process that our baby was going to die (she was 21 weeks when she passed).
-We are still awaiting the results from the chromosome study. The doctor said that we may not get very much information from it because of the baby's condition. We are unsure of how much we want to know. We are hoping that the baby had a chromosome condition and not a genetic condition.
-We are looking forward to the birth of Jeff & Lisa's twins in the very near future and we look forward to rejoicing in their health. We know that this could be extremely difficult for us as well though since our little one won't be here. Our three girls should be close in age and we were looking forward to them all growing up together.
-Emotionally we have been doing well. For me rocking Josiah seems to bring up a lot of emotions thinking about what "should have been". I also find too that songs that I hear on the radio can be especially hard to hear. We are hoping to be able to get to church this weekend and then go to the cemetery.
-We are also hoping to do some gardening this weekend. We have been blessed with so many beautiful plants and bushes--so we are going to make a little garden for Virginia. We also have the beautiful angel statue to put in there as well

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