Monday, May 31, 2010

Change in Priorities

I've been thinking lately that when you lose someone you love--there are several things that change in your life.

I personally have lost interest in the tv shows that I used to love--I still watch them but they are not as important to me as they were before.

I also need to love and cherish those that are around me because I never know how long people will be here for. This may seem a little gloomy but it is true--our life here on earth is so short and we need to savor each minute we are here and love those around us.

When you have been through a loss I think you try not to complain so much about some of the things that happen to you. For example: even if Josiah is awake all night or is extra crabby I should be thankful that I have in my life because there are so many people who want to have kids and are unable.

I think the biggest thing that I realize is that this world is only temporary and that heaven is our eternal home.

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