Monday, May 17, 2010

Set apart

When we were in the hospital giving birth to the baby we had a picture on our door of a leaf with a drop of dew on there. Tim noticed the little sign and we talked about how this must be a sign to the hospital staff that we had suffered the loss of our baby.

Sometimes when we see people that we haven't seen since we had the baby we also feel "different" as if we have some kind of sign on us that we lost our baby.

We want people to know that we love to talk about Virginia--we plan on talking about her for the rest of our lives. We are willing to talk about any question that you have about her.

We also talked about too how we feel set apart because of the loss of our baby and yet in the same way we should feel set apart as Christians. Those around us should see something different about us because of our faith in Jesus. This is one reason that we do want to be set apart!


  1. So true...sounds like many conversations Ron and I have had. Know our prayers are with you.

  2. Thanks so much Cathy--We appreciate it!