Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our favorite songs

We have some songs that have really ministered to us in this time of loss.

Dancing with the Angels by Monk & Neagle. Even though this song talks about a person who has been alive for a longer time--we just love the chorus that talks about dancing with the angels. During the twelve days that Virginia was inside of me and we knew that she was no longer alive the chorus from this song would just come into my head and I would reflect that even though her body was still inside of me that her soul was in heaven dancing with the angels--what a comfort that was to me in this incredibly trying time.

A Visitor from Heaven by Twila Paris I love this song and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

Glory Baby by Watermark This is Tim's favorite song in regards to the baby. He thinks that it applies so perfectly to our situation.

If you could see me now by Truth I have always liked this song since I heard it about 16 years ago when my uncle passed away. It helps me to have the perspective of where the baby is and that she is perfect and whole now and walking streets of gold.

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